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The learning curve for a new website firm to create your website – if they don’t already know your business industry -- can be steep and costly. So before you enlist the help of a firm that has not mastered the in's and out's of your specific industry, talk with us. In our 15+ plus years of providing online solutions to businesses in your industry, we’ve developed a highly talented team of professionals dedicated to producing best-in-class websites. Look through some our industry wide solutions below, and give us a call to find out how we can help you increase your market share and bottom line.
Real Estate Agent
Link to website for Shell Slagle realtor Link to website for Tammy Bryant MLX

Link to website for Maureen Moses realtor Link to website for Paul Hebert realtor
Our Agent solutions are second to none. These sites have all of the usual real estate web tools PLUS a whole lot more. Take advantage of over 15 exclusive features and tools that you will not find offered by any other real estate web designer. Call for a site demonstration and see how you can become a web resource for buyers and sellers. Your new web site will work for you in increasing you piece of the real estate pie. Since over 95% of all real estate transactions incorporate the use of the internet, having a web site is a necessity for today's realty professional.
Real Estate Agency
Link to website for Realty Pros Link to website for Massey Realty
Real Estate Agency Solutions are a perfect fit with all the tools you need. They include CMS modules for your entire staff of brokers, agents, receptionists, etc. The home page flyers are a perfect way to attract potential customers by sharing the latest big news. In less than a minute you can post a flyer to let customers know about an $8,000 tax credit or the latest house that you put in the SOLD column. The posts tool allows you to customize you site with pages that you create like Sold, Testimonials, Local Events, Area Attractions, etc. The best part is that your customers can feed the pages with their content (you have approval rights). Site traffic takes begins growing FREE due to the grass roots impact of the content sharing. Agency sites also help branding and customer loyalty through the incorporation of the Agent satellite sites. This means all your agents feel confident about sending their customers to the company site without fear of their customers from becoming a house account.
Real Estate Development
Link to video for Seclusion BayLink to website for Cresent Bend
If you are developing, we have the solution that you have been dreaming of. These professional looking sites are more than just pretty. They have media libraries for sharing information with perspective owners like site plans, restrictive covenants, floor plans and more. If you need to conduct testing to see what the current market for your project is, our pre-sale analysis is just what you need. You can quickly tell the size and demographic of the market for your project. Photographic panoramas, virtual tours, and compelling video work together to put your prospect in the middle of your development. Project updates, special pricing, area information, project amenities, and all your marketing material finish out this robust sell toll.
Link to website for wild pear home owners association
Expect more from your Home Owners Association website. Form online document libraries to event calendars and from online payment of dues to secure electronic membership directories, your site can streamline your HOA. From project updates to rss news feeds and suggestion forums, this solution is the best means of communicating with your members.
Lodging & Rentals
Link to website for Goose Creek farm bed and breakfastLink to website for penny walk bed and breakfast
Showcase your getaway in the best way. The right tools make all the difference. Take potential renters through a tour of the facility. Availability is automatically updated with each online registration. The e-commerce component lets the customer complete the transaction online. Amenities lists, area attractions, and area coupons give the visitor plenty of reasons to come back. The content management module gives you the tools you need to keep your site current and relevant. They are easy to use and very powerful.
Link to website for city of Dandridge TNLink to website for city of White Pine TN
These sites are the perfect solution for your town or county’s official website. It enables administrators to promote tourism, showcase the beauty of their locale, present the hospitality of their citizens, demonstrate their growth toward the future, and display their historic charm. It also serves as a cyber foundation for their city government. From content management modules that allow you to update government department staff details to fully featured document libraries for archiving meeting minutes and ordinances; these are the tools you need to efficiently keep your site up-to-date. Community event calendars let you know what is coming up, and online albums that that allow citizens to upload photos to show how much fun it really was.
Utility Works
Link to website for Dandridge Water
Our proven creative process results in websites that work for you and your customers. We utilize current programming technologies and offer the option of an easy-to-use content management system to equip you, the utility, to do as little or as many site updates as you desire. We have in-depth experience with utility-specific modules such as federally regulated reporting, quality reports, project updates, online billing solutions, online forms libraries that give your customers access to the forms they need, community calendars, and more.
National Parks
Link to website for the great smoky mountain 75th anniversaryLink to website for smoky mountains trails foreverLink to website for poconos
Let visitors experience your natural treasure virtually. These sites promote park anniversaries, announce event schedules, celebrate the heritage, share the scenic beauty, and communicate the messages of the National Parks as one of America’s greatest natural treasures. They include a dynamic scheduling feature that allows for an in park calendar, community events calendar, and educational events calendar. The events then go through a systematic process utilizing pre-programmed algorithms through the sanctioning process. Interactive timelines showcase the parks rich history. Each timeline event is designated with a key of icons demonstrating that the event has other media with it. The album always proves to be a huge success. It allows site visitors to easily upload one of their family photos in the park along with the story about that memory of the park. The photo and story appear go through an approval process. When approved, they appear in the album. The sites also allow for donations to provide maintenance within the National Park. They show the current restoration projects. Online application for volunteers are also available. They are designed with a content management system (CMS) make updates simply and allow for functions like blogging.
Health Care
Link to website for Lisa Ross birth and women's centerLink to website for Appalachian Training Center for Healing Arts
These robust and custom content management solutions serve as the primary marketing focus for your health care business whether it is a massage therapy, day spay, birthing center, chiropractic clinic, dental practice, physical therapy clinic, sports rehab center, etc. It allows the owners to post course curriculum and class schedules. It also boasts a custom registration / payment system that customers can use to register and pay for clinics all the while the system is tracking availability. These sites boast several custom other CMS modules: news feeds; a full featured staff directory that enables a streamlined way to keep the staff and their certifications current; and a success stories album where patrons can upload their stories. The user friendly events calendar is easy for the owner to enter and manage events as well as site visitors to search and find just the right event for them. Another great feature is that the owners can create specials/coupons which are available on the site. Graphically these sites illustrate an environment of caring and warmth.
Link to website for Friends of the SmokiesLink to website for Character Counts of Knoxvill and Know County TN
As a non profit you need certain tools. These sites allow you to share information, news, events, and functions, gather email addresses for the newsletter feed, and accept donations. These capable and powerful sites are user-friendly and professional. They utilize a database backend to ensure scalability and efficient functionality while maintaining a lightning fast response times. The design is graphically engaging to your target market. Content management components make updates simple and efficient.
Political Campaign
Link to website for Ed Stiner jefferson county register of deeds Link to website for Todd Kesterson jefferson county commissioner

Link to website for Nicole Buchanan for trustee Link to website for Bob Cavanah for Jefferson county mayor
Now every campaign (local, state, and federal) can afford a professional website with the exact same powerful features you see on websites for BIG million-dollar campaigns. Let your constituents know why you are the right person for the office. From professional looking and to the point one page sites, to multi page solutions including campaign video commercials, event/appearance calendars, secure credit card contributions systems, volunteer signup pages, issue blogs, and online surveys, we have the right web solution for your political campaign.
Link to website for young republicans of Jefferson county tn
These political sites allow you to post important dates, information, and links to all the information that your political group needs. News feeds, online donations, and user friendly registration modules are just a few of the many tools that you will be at your disposal. These sites also incorporate full featured directories that enable a streamlined way to keep the elected officials certifications and contact information current. It also has media libraries for disseminating documents like constitutions, bylaws, procedures, rules, and etc.
Legal Service
Link to website for Case Law ResearchLink to website for Case Clerk
These solutions incorporate a massive database of indexed material. They allow owners to manage customer subscription, send newsletters, offer up sales and discounts, track sales representative information for commission calculations and reports site analytics that show what search terms were used by the people that visited their sites and became customers. These Boolean search based services allow people to do research on case law in preparation for trial. Its case law database includes court case in all 50 states in the top two levels of court, all 95 Federal District Courts, all 13 Federal District Courts of Appeal, and the US Supreme Court. Cases go back to 1886. User-friendly, powerful searching is a must.
Financial Services
Link to website for bank card solutions e z bucsLink to website for American Field Reports
Whether you are merchant processor, ready to expand your market by demonstrating the advantages of your products and services, or if you need to have a secure backend on your site that serves as an online office for your sales representatives for accessing the current data, forms, and applications, this solution has just what you have been looking for. These solutions can completely streamlines the entire business process for your financial field chase company. From the moment a customer puts in a work request, through the assignment to a field agent, to the data inspection by the case manager, to the notification of the customer to download the completed field chase report, then to the auto creation and emailing of the invoice to the customer and the payment to the field agent, these solutions give you the tools you need to make you business run smoothly.
Link to website for Topsail TutoringLink to website for Vols 4 stem
These sites have powerful tools for your educational endeavors. These sites connect teachers, students, and professionals wanting to do educational outreach. They show the many existing outreach programs and gives information about starting/sponsoring one in a nearby school. They allow teachers to input custom requests for speakers, resources, field trip opportunities, etc. that are then filled by the outreach volunteers via the site. The administrators can upload videos, and other media to the media libraries as well post to the news feed and event calendar. There are career modules that allow educational professionals to find and feel the jobs they love.
Link to website for East Tennessee Wrestling AssociationLink to website for Darwing WalkerLink to website for school sports depot
These solutions let your team post the lineup, their athletic schedules, the team results, and pictures of them in action. The website gives fans, scouts, and corporations with endorsement potential a wealth of knowledge about the athlete’s stats and present condition. It includes an e-commerce module for donations and team fee payments. They use great motif that incorporate team colors and attitudes. The affiliate marketing module allows the team members buy supplies and equipment at discounted rates through their teams’ negotiated vendors.
Link to website for june jubileeLink to video for Evergreen Ball
These solutions allow the event coordinators to post schedules for the community festival. They also enable prospective vendors to get all pertinent information and download the application forms. Whether your event is a simple community gathering, or the regions premiere annual, black tie, fundraising dinner and auction these sites have the tools you need to make it a success. It announces the event details, allows for online registration and payment, shows appreciation to the sponsors, and advertises the items that will be auctioned, and highlights the memorable moments from previous years.
Pet Service
Link to website for All Dogs Canine Care Center
If you are in the pet service industry, this is the right web solution for your business. From grooming and day care services to training, extended stay, product sales and veterinary clinics, the tools that your customers want and you deserve are only a click away. From online availability and registration to coupons and specials that can be updated at will, your site will be powerful and user friendly for both you and your customers.
Link to website for david freemen artistLink to website for level 1 creations
Make your customers aware of your award winning talents. You can use the many different content management controls to keep your site current and relevant. Updating your virtual portfolio to exhibit your latest array of talents is a snap. You can post and blog also to gives background on techniques, training, and beliefs. There is no better way to demonstrate your unique visual & conceptual solutions than with an interactive online portfolio of your work.
Awards & Promotional
Link to website for rogers awards
Whether your business is providing custom embroidery services to the music industry or medals and awards to local youth athletic teams, your customs will find just what they are looking for as they browse through your online catalogue of merchandise. Slide shows highlight the benefits of choosing your business. You can demonstrate your quality products and services, and showcase your custom designs. The e-commerce component makes it a one stop shop.
Link to website for maxwellhouse gift emporium Link to website for hunt's pressure washingLink to website for Progressive Engineering Group
Invite locals and visitors to stop by your place of business. Bring them in with the right door buster incentives. The ability to make and update specials and coupons is really powerful. From quaint shops offering upscale furnishings, apparel, floral, bath products, jewelry, accessories, food and seasonal items to service oriented labors willing to take care of the dirty work, we have the right online solution for your business. You can upload testimonials or even demonstrate before and after examples of your work.
Add-ons for Existing Sites
PORTFOLIOS is a great custom content management system that can be added to any existing website. If you are an artist, you can create categories like murals, faux painting, portraits, stills, etc. Each category becomes a page and the artist can upload examples of the work and descriptive paragraphs explaining subtleties to potential clients. If you are a contractor, you can create categories like residential, commercial, industrial, churches, and schools. The contractor can put in a paragraph about each category that will show up at the top of each respective pages, and then upload photos and descriptions of an unlimited number of projects within each category. (Note: On the client calls Portfolios "Government Department Directory" .)

The CLASSIFIEDS CMS application can be added to any site, and you can set up groups like furniture, antiques, jewelry, sporting goods, cars, and even homes for sale by owner. It can be set so that visitors can add their own items along with all of the descriptive fields and multiple pictures. The items added now are just waiting your approval as the administrator of the site. You simply log in and click approve or delete. If the item is added by the administrator, it is automatically approved. (Note: On the client calls Classifieds "Search Non MLS".)

The ALBUM application is great for getting lots of traffic to your site for free. It can be added to any existing website. You create pages/categories for your album like Family Fun, Smoky Mtn Memories, Spectacular Scenery, Our Home, Yester - Years, etc. It is set up to allow site visitors to add their own photographs to your album pages. They upload their pictures and stories, and the items are then just waiting your approval. As the administrator of the site, you simply log in and click approve or delete. When you approve the item, the person that uploaded it gets an email letting them know it is now available for view on the site. When they click the link, they go to their picture. While viewing the picture, there is a share with a friend button. So they email it to friends who in turn visit your site to see the picture and they get to upload their own.

FLYER is the best way to quickly and easily put a door buster on the home page of your website. You can change the message in seconds. You can add pictures and as much or little text as need to let your customers know all about it. When you are not using the flyer it disappears from your site completely. It does not leave any blank space or any open area; it vanishes completely. You can deactivate a special or announcement and then reactivate it with one single click. So if you want to use the same flyer each year at Christmas, you are only one click away. (Note: On home page the client calls Flyer "Featured Item".)

This STAFF module is the quickest and easiest way for you to add, update, edit, and delete company staff information. You can create categories based on position. You can enter photos, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. You can also add detail or summary information if desired that would show skill set, certification, and education information for each member.
These great custom content management systems can be added to any existing website. With portfolios, contractors can create categories like residential, commercial, industrial, churches, and schools. The contractor can put in a paragraph about each category that will show up at the top of each respective pages, and then upload photos and descriptions of an unlimited number of projects within each category. With the album module, you create pages for your album like Family Fun, Lake Memories, Spectacular Scenery, Yester - Years, etc. It is set up to allow site visitors to add their own photographs to your album pages. They upload their pictures and stories, and the items are then just waiting your approval. As the administrator of the site, you simply log in and click approve or delete. When you approve the item, the person that uploaded it gets an email letting them know it is now available for view on the site. When they click the link, they go to their picture. While viewing the picture, there is a share with a friend button. So they email it to friends who in turn visit your site to see the picture and they get to upload their own. The classifieds, staff, and flyer are other powerful solutions that can be added to any existing site. Give us a call and watch what we can make you able to make your site do.